Your child could become the next Karate Kid

Does your child want to be the next Karate Kid?

Does your child think they ARE the Karate Kid?

Is your house occupied by kids running around the house jumping and making strange noises? Are they punching and kicking anything that moves? Do they have their little brother or sister ducking for cover, not to mention the dog or the cat? Your little ones may not look anything like their hero, Daniel, from the movie The Karate Kid but in their minds they ARE Daniel and they will succeed. These kids are heroes in their own minds. They are also getting exercise and using their imaginations, which is a positive outcome for them, but what about the poor siblings, the cat and the dog?

From Victim to Hero

All kids want to be heroes and The Karate Kid is a hero. The original 1984 film is an underdog story, about a boy suffering bullying. He then learns karate and not only defeats the bully but earns his respect. Kids identify with the underdog, especially kids who suffer bullying. They see karate as a chance to escape the pain of bullying.

Won’t teaching karate to kids make them aggressive?

Most parents believe that negative behaviour such as kicking and punching others will worsen by enrolling a child in a karate school. This could not be further from the truth. Many students find striking focus pads and kick shields a release of energy. It’s a great way to safely release tension and/or built up anger in a positive way. They feel better, exercise and best of all nobody suffers injury!

A “good” karate school will not only teach correct technique for punching and kicking, but will also teach the discipline that goes hand-in-hand with learning martial arts. At Rimmington Martial Arts kids learn the “art”, hence the term martial “arts”. Just as Mr Miyagi taught The Karate Kid in the movie, a good Dojo is a non-aggressive environment. Instructors teach discipline and respect for others through the practice of martial arts.

The Earlier the Better

At Rimmington Martial Arts classes for children as young as 3 years provide the basic techniques and philosophies of the martial arts. Karate teaches strategies against bullying and instils self-confidence which is by far the best prevention against bullying.

By getting involved in the Team Spirit at Rimmington Martial Arts, assisting other students, and the option of competitions their confidence grows rapidly. Over the past 40 years RMA has seen hundreds of students evolve from timid beings to confident, outgoing, respectful adolescents and adults.

Rimmington Martial Arts caters for all types of children from the age of 3 years. Group or private lessons are available to suit the needs of the individual.


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