Anti-Bullying in today’s schools

Bully-proof your child. Rimmington Martial Arts can help provide the needed skills and strategies to prevent and combat bullying. Anti-bullying is one of the major benefits of Rimmington Martial Arts. It is a focus both in the junior and senior classes.

Types and Incidence of Bullying

Hurtful teasing is the most common form of bullying school students experience. Hurtful lies being told about them is also common. Bullying can be verbal, physical, social or cyber-bullying.

Online bullying tends to be a greater problem than the previously mentioned forms of bullying. Access to technology correlates to incidence of online bullying. Secondary school therefore has a higher incidence than primary school.

Government research indicates that between 20% and 44 % of school children are victims of bullying.

anti bullying

Whether you are the parent of a bully or a victim it must be realised that bullying and self-esteem have had a long-standing relationship. There is a reason that some some kids suffer from bullying while others make it through to adulthood seemingly without any significant social problems.

Until recently it was thought that low self-esteem is a common characteristic both the victim and the bully. It is true that many bullies put others down to make themselves feel better. However, others are actually very self-confident. Often their school peers idolise them.

Martial Arts Anti-Bullying programs can help the bully AND the victim.

Not all Martial Arts programs are about violence. In fact, most are designed specifically for self-defence.

More importantly than the fighting skills mastered are the physical and psychological benefits of training. Karate students perform drills which improve fitness, strength and resilience. This in turn builds confidence, self-awareness, focus and discipline.

Rimmington Martial Arts Anti-Bullying Programs

At Rimmington Martial Arts students learn effective skills to defend themselves. They also develop self-confidence and self-control. Together these qualities serve to prevent a violent situation without harming others. The idea is to prevent or diffuse potentially violent or unpleasant situations.

Martial Arts teaches respect for self- and for others. It teaches focus, patience and calm. This helps the child to be less affected by taunting and teasing. The knowledge that they have the skills and physical ability to defend themselves encourages children NOT to fight. They have nothing to prove and what they are capable of. They know they have the ability to shut down the bully if need be, without anyone getting hurt. It’s the perfect anti-bullying strategy.

Rimmington Martial Arts has kids karate programs suitable for children from the age of three years. Interested parents are encouraged to call the office to book an interview. The Program Director would love to discuss the benefits of Martial Arts for child.

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