Karate… The ultimate adult sport

Are looking for Karate in Gympie? Rimmington Martial Arts has stood the test of time for karate in Gympie. For 40+ years they have been providing instruction in a mixture of Martial Arts styles to the local Community.

It is NEVER too late.

Are you one of those people who has always wanted to try Martial Arts and just never gotten around to it? It is NEVER too late. There are so many wonderful benefits to learning karate, for people of all ages. Think how much more confident you would be knowing you are able to defend yourself in any situation. You will also develop a healthy habit of fitness gained in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Then Rimmington Martial Arts is the club for you.

ISKA all styles karate tournament team

But why take up Karate as your Martial Art?

There are many reasons to take up Martial Arts or karate. No other sport offers the same degree of diversity as Martial Arts. For instance, let us look at football or soccer. Apart from playing different positions on the field there are few variations in the game. Kick the ball and try to get it to the goal. Techniques to achieve the goal vary little.

In contrast, karate offers kicking, punching, blocking, an infinite number of stances and footwork maneuvers. In addition to stand up there is the enormity of wrestling and jiu jitsu techniques available for ground fighting and defence. Furthermore a whole range of weapons provide lessons in ancient history while students develop co-ordination, precision, flexibility and focus. AND they look really cool to boot!


Rimmington Martial Arts (RMA) has something for everyone. That is to say it is an extremely diverse system teaching a mixture of martial arts styles all combined into one curriculum. The basic strategy of self-defence is “The best way to defend against something is learn it”.

In saying this, RMA does not proclaim to magically make all students experts in every style of Martial Arts. Rather, the aim is to be excellent at stand-up defence and competent at ground defence.

Karate for using a katana

Suitable for everyone

The diversity of the system not only keeps training interesting, but ensures there is something suitable for every member of the club. Some students love full-contact, while others prefer no contact at all. Some students love sparring while others love kata and weaponry. Likewise, some like stand-up techniques. In contrast others like ground fighting. Competitions and tournaments are an optional part of the system. Instructors provide the utmost support for competitors but never pressure anyone to compete.

Karate is a a way of life

Although people tend to overuse the term, A Way of Life is the best way to describe Martial Arts. The qualities and philosophies adopted through learning karate infiltrate into every facet of life.


For instance, up-skilling is a necessity in modern life. To stay gainfully employed or even to be successful in your own business, it is essential to keep abreast of new technology and new practices and procedures. Learning is a lifetime obligation for success.

In keeping with this principle, Karate has the attraction of being limitless in its offering of new things to learn and master. This is especially true at Rimmington Martial Arts where there is such a massive range and choice of knowledge and techniques to learn.

The comprehensive Rimmington Martial Arts system of belts, gradings, tags and honour bands guide students through every step of the way. In doing so, the principles of setting goals and working to achieve those goals become forever etched in the minds of those studying Martial Arts. This all happens insidiously or without the students even realising how much they have matured and gained focus in their everyday lives.

Staying Fit and Healthy

It goes without saying that a standard goal for most people is staying fit and healthy. Unfortunately, desire and reality don’t always match up. The Rimmington Martial Arts system allows students to gradually improve strength and fitness so that each milestone is easily achievable. To clarify, each small increment in moving up the ranks requires an gradually increasing level of strength and fitness. For example, before receiving a new tag on a belt the student must be able to successful perform an additional 5 push and sit ups more than the previous tag or belt. The small promotions make mastery achievable. This system promotes reward for effort and assists in keeping enthusiasm high and building self esteem.

This fitness derived from Karate training encompasses all aspects of fitness. To clarify, Karate improves cardio-vascular fitness, strength, speed, agility, endurance and flexibility. Bag-work and sparring are responsible for gains in speed, co-ordination and cardio-vascular fitness. At the same time, the kata and weaponry improves balance, focus, strength and co-ordination.

Sparring practicing martial arts techniques

Helping Others through Karate

In addition to building personal self-esteem through self-advancement, the opportunity to assist newer students provides a sense of achievement and team spirit. This in turn reflects within the community through helping those in need.


Through training together in team spirit lifelong friendships form. Each member helps other team members to be the best they can be. The support for each other is a joy to witness. This all boils down to the values instilled through the practice of karate. These values, such as honesty, tolerance, humility and patience are the very qualities that we all appreciate from a friend.

The entire team is shows humility in remembering what it feels like to be a beginner, to be the new kid on the block. It can be quite daunting to finally step onto the Dojo floor, not knowing what to expect. Rimmington Martial Arts students are very welcoming toward new members and greet them with friendly help to find their way around.

Close knit groups within Karate

As students make their own progress through the ranks they find themselves making friends with others of the same or similar rank. Together they spend plenty of time practising their required techniques together and soon find themselves encouraging each other and motivating each other to train harder. These groups often grade together and therefore stick together for long periods of time forming bonds that pass the test of time.

Social Outings

Rimmington Martial Arts members are a friendly bunch. They like to get together for social outings outside of the Dojo. Sometimes this involves physical activity like climbing a mountain, camping or bush walking. Other times the outing might be purely for social relaxation with a picnic at the park or the beach. Families and partners of course are welcome in attending these social events.

Fund Raising

The club holds fundraising events periodically to raise funds to supply extra training equipment, the equipment that students would be unable to afford to buy for themselves. For example, huge landing mats, judo mats, jigsaw mats, kick shields etc.

The fundraising events are a ton of fun open to members and family and friends. Some of the fun functions conducted are frog races, trivia nights and team events such as obstacle courses. Frog races do not race real frogs. Instead, timber is cut-out in the shape of a frog. Getting the frog to “hop” to the finish line is real art and sometimes just a lot of luck.

The trivia nights always have a theme or a twist. Nothing is standard or boring. Everyone has a good time and plenty of laughs.

We compete on the ISKA tournament circuit check it out here